“A story of CHANGE from COMFORT to GROWTH — Mohamed Shoib K Version 2.0”

Dated: 13/03/2025

Good Morning to all,

I welcome you all to yet another episode of this month’s trending and buzzing topic “Entrepreneurs for change”. Today, it gives immense pleasure to be hosting one of the pioneers in the field of VLSI. VLSI, which is not that famous for Entrepreneurs in India but this man has changed the way the World, looks at India in this field. Some of his breath taking works in the field of VLSI are his VLSI knowledge blog, which has been one of the most valuable, and authentic source of knowledge for VLSI aspirants and professionals with currently a million views each month. He has been influential in transforming the lives of over a million students not only in India but of all around the world who dreamt of VLSI as career but were directionless in achieving it. Through his 100+ courses in this domain, he has not only enabled engineering students to kick-start their careers in VLSI but also helped professionals in upgrading their knowledge in the field and staying upto date with the developments in the field of VLSI. Apart from all these, the most prominent contribution has been the efforts put by him along with help from Government of India to setup commercial IC fabrication house with state of the art technologies in collaboration with Technology giants TSMC and INTEL.

Path to version 2.0

Now it is Time to welcome the man himself, Mr MOHAMED SHOIB K on the stage to take us through his journey.

Glad to have you here Mohamed. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself”?

IC’s on a printed circuit board

First of all, thank you for the lovely introduction. Been born and bought up in Bangalore, I have literally seen the city evolve from being garden city to silicon city. Completed my graduation in Electronics and Communication. Since childhood, I was very much fascinated about Electronic Gadgets and used to dig deep into old remotes and find out about its working. That fascination changed into passion as I grew up and after graduation, joined Electronic chip designing company and started understanding the designing process.

“That’s great to hear. Can you tell us little bit about what prompted you to start Blogs and courses”?

Blog Letters on brown wood

As I was taking my first steps in Professional industry, I found that there were lot of information available about VLSI but none of those would lead to an in-depth learning and execution. Another problem I faced when I was a newbie in this field was the information available was in scattered form, I literally had to connect all the dots from the start which was a very painful task. Through my VLSI blog, I decided to make students life simple by collecting all the relevant information and providing them on the table.

Writing down important points while creating courses

Through my courses, I aimed at explaining the concepts in a simplified manner so that anybody can learn and have understanding of the basics. In hindsight, I thought this is one area where I can really tap into and monetize my skills to make living out of it.

It was about during that time, I came to know of person named DEEPAK KANAKARAJU, who was a giant in the blogging world. He had started a new idea of paid Internship with cashback. I researched and checked his testimonials to verify his authority and found to be true. Then, without a thought, just dived into his Internship and learned insights of blogging and creating valuable courses. Then it was all about executing the learnings and marketing it.

“Can you shed some light about the Internship with cashback, which by the looks of it seems a scam”?

When host asked whether Digital Deepak Internship is Scam

“The biggest risk in life is not taking any risk”, “Take a risk and you never know what it would lead to”. These 2 Quotes struck my mind when I came to know of this Internship. It was costing around Rs 15000. It was risk worth taking.The learnings from this Internship was massive in moulding me to what I’m today.

Whatever I am today, it’s all because of taking that small risk that eventually led to my Transformation, not only financially but also in the Thought process, the way I look at any particular situation and the Actions I take.

“Why did you change your career to Digital Marketing from Successful VLSI career?”

“Do not let your mind limit your chance of success”.

A path which is taken for years naturally becomes your comfort zone. Natural Human tendency is to remain in the comfort zone and avoid change, but growth happens only when we step out of our comfort zone and step into a field which we are unaware of. The moment you are out of the comfort zone, you start learning and growing tremendously. For me, VLSI was the comfort zone and coming out of it proved my hunger for learning and trying new things. I was very lucky to have Mentor like DEEPAK who with his experience, made my learning easy since he not only taught me Digital Marketing but also taught me the importance of correct mindset which is eventually the reason behind success.

During the start of the Internship, Everything starting from his Lectures to the Assignments made me uncomfortable. I knew that Being uncomfortable is the easiest way to improve every single day and Being Uncomfortable is a sign of growth. At first , my only aim of joining the Digital Deepak Internship course was to learn Blogging, create valuable courses, and sell it. Nevertheless, once I started learning the concepts of Digital Marketing, implementation and experimentation took me off to a new unexplored world, where Quality work is very rare. I saw this as my potential chance to cash in and work towards generating passive sources of income. I started with freelancing as a side hustle, got my first client and provided him with value not less than 10 times the money he spent. Through my first client, got multiple projects and then collaborated with one of my Internship mate to start Digital Agency providing multiple marketing services and consulting.

This Digital Agency which started with only 2 people grew to massively to employ 1000 people in the next 5 years and Today its brand value has reached US $100 million with all 1000 employees working remotely spread in the entire country.

“You told about passive sources of income right, at present, how many passive sources of income do you have”?

I am a person obsessed with passive sources of income. Currently, I have about 8 passive sources of income. VLSI courses, 10 bestselling VLSI books, VLSI influencer, Public speaker especially for college graduation days, courses in Digital Marketing, Blog on VLSI, blog on Book summary, Affiliate marketing to name a few. Had to work hard day and night to Envision, develop and nurture each of these passive sources of income. However, when these works result in massive learning and success, it is worth to work day and night and ultimately it provides the one thing that everyone craves for, that is satisfaction.

Doubling the number of passive sources of income is my foremost target in the next 5 years. Along with it, I plan to read minimum of 200 books on Self development and Growth mindset.

“Its seriously a difficult path which you chose for yourself. In this Hustle, How did you manage your health”?

“Health is the ultimate Wealth a person can have”.

I am a person who never compromises on health. Two things which I followed which gave insane results for me from Health perspective are: I ate only when I was Hungry the most and I never completely filled my Tummy with food as 1/3rd of the stomach needs to filled with water, another 1/3rd with air and only the remaining 1/3rd needs to be filled with food.

As long as I followed these 2 things, I remained Healthy both physically and mentally.

“Great, what’s your hobbies and what do you in your free time”?

Before joining the Internship, I rarely used to read books and would waste time in many unproductive things. Since the day, I joined Digital Deepak Internship, and put all learning into execution on a consistent basis, I have found out how Reading books changes the mindset of an individual and fills it with positivity. Apart from reading books, I enjoy playing cricket and football in outdoor games, when it comes to indoor games, chess is my favorite.

“Before Wrapping up the show, do you want to tell anything specific to the audience especially the youngsters who are watching this show”?

Dream Big. Dreams do come true if you have the fire in your Belly to chase the dream. Do not be scared of the Obstacles you face in the path to success. Never take Shortcuts to success because Success achieved on the basis of shortcuts never last long. When you feel like quitting just remember that you are 1 step away from success. Never Give-up on your dreams. Dream is the only thing that keeps the World alive.

“Thank you Mohamed Shoib for literally pouring your heart out and Inspiring not only me but all viewers to step out of their comfort zone and be comfortable outside their comfort zone. You have completely changed my views on growth and its relation with comfort zone. We wish you the best in all your future endeavors and More power to you”

Thank you for having me on the show.

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